Stump Grinding Services after Tree Removal

We offer our stump grinding services to our clients after we have removed a tree. Stump grinding is an often overlooked task that soon can become a necessity for a variety of reasons detailed below. You can rely on us to provide an effective stump grinding service at a competitive price.

Tree stumps can make it tough to replant a tree in the same area a tree was removed. By leaving the tree stump in place, the thicker roots make is harder to start a new replacement tree near where the old tree was. If you intent to replace the old tree with a new one, then the stump will probably need to be ground up in order to create space for the new tree.

Old tree roots can take years to degrade. Soon after a stump has been ground up, the roots break down faster. Roots connected to a stump seem to survive much longer and can get in the way of replanting in the same area.

Stump grinding is the best and most effective way to remove larger tree stumps. Our stump grinder is able to chew out the stump below ground level. Grinding a tree stump is the most effective removal process.

Manually digging and cutting out tree stumps is labor intensive. If you dig and cut out your tree stump, you will still have the huge stump to dispose of as apposed to the small wood chips. Stump grinding will leave you with a measured mound of little chips and dirt. Stump grinding will definitely create a considerably smaller hole than digging out the stump. Stump grinding will result in less disruption to the bordering area, lawn and landscaping. 

Tree stumps can be ugly and distract from the beauty and market value of your property. Stump removal will also help with the ease of mowing your yard. Exposed stumps can be a trip and fall hazard.

We provide residential and commercial tree services including stump grinding in the Northern Colorado area.  If you are interested in stump grinding services, please contact our office: (970) 432-0000.


Stump Grinding Services


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